Free Online Texas Holdem Poker Guide

Welcome to - the poker site that is dedicated to Free Online Texas Holdem Poker and everything related to it; what free holdem poker money is, how to get it, and what to do with it when you've got it!

This site is divided up into a lot of different sections; some pages have specific free poker money offers, and some have more general free online poker money advice. Hopefully, each article/page is written so that the reader can 'dip' into it and learn something new, rather than having to read the whole lot in one go.

The headline is Free Online Texas Holdem Poker Guide but in reality the free holdem money available here can be used in any poker game available in the online poker room that is offering the free money. We include the term Texas Holdem simply because that is what a lot of people look for - if other poker card games are available there is no reason not to use the free money playing those poker games - assuming, of course, that you know how to play those other online poker games. Also, you generally are not allowed to play casino games with free poker money bonuses.

While it may seem like things are tough in the online poker world right now, the truth is that it is a really great time for the non-American poker player. Poker rooms all over are coming up with great deals and promotions for their players, and there is a great selection of good bonuses to be had. For example, 888 Poker are currently giving all their new players a free $8 in order to try out their new software. As well as that, they have a pretty good first time depositors bonus available too.

Unlike other games in online casinos such as Blackjack, Roulette and Slots, you don't always have to pay to play Texas Holdem poker. It is very possible to find a free poker room that provides all the benefits of regular poker rooms.